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Must-See Trailer “Ayla”

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Screen Anarchy is happy to premiere the first teaser for Ayla, the new film from writer/director Elias Ganster (Gut). 

It is an interesting teaser, with hints of some body horror going on in there along with glimpses of the always fascinating Tristan Risk. Out of curiousity I looked up the meaning of her character’s name Ayla. It is Hebrew and Turkish in origin and could either mean oak tree, halo or moonlight. I cannot say if any of that ends up being intentional on Ganster’s part but nature does appear to weigh in thematically here, as it also does in the luring key art.


The film stars Tristan Risk (American Mary) as Ayla and Nicholas Wilder (Gut) as Elton. They are joined by Dee Wallace (E.T., The Howling), Sarah Schoofs (Phobia), D’Angelo Midili (The Invoking), with appearances by Bill Oberst Jr. (Resolution) and Andrew Sensenig (We Are Still Here).

– Andrew Mack



As a proud supporter of Ayla, the sophomore feature film from Gut director Elias, I’ve been following the production every step of the way. The first trailer for the psychological body horror featuring Nicholas WilderSarah Schoofs, and the incomparable Tristan Risk (American Mary) just arrived and we’re pleased to share it with you now. Ayla also includes performances by indie horror heavyweight Bill Oberst Jr. and bona fide icon Dee Wallace.

– Joshua Millican

actress obsession

She’s riveting as Alex who is the relatable figure of this suspenseful, strange film as her paramour Alex tries to resurrect his late four-year old sister and who or what returns in a familiar form of a young woman is terrifying.
Sarah is notable for tapping into the evocative, dark recesses of the horror genre having been eye-catching in the bloody, body horror of “Gut” as well as the film “Phobia” where she returns from the grave as a spectre.

 -Haren Yong


Judging by the trailer, the decision to bring his sister back to life is going to cause Elton (who is played by Nicholas Wilder) a lot of torment. The teaser doesn’t give away much beyond that, but it establishes a very troubling atmosphere and offers glimpses of some interesting images.

Wilder, Risk (who plays Ayla herself), and Oberst Jr. are joined in the cast by Dee Wallace, Miles Joris-Peyrafitte, Andrew Sensenig, Jennifer Lynn Warren, D’Angelo Midili, and Sarah Schoofs.

– Cody Hamman



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