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About ME!





I am a versatile film actor with a strong stage background.  I am professional and take my work seriously and look forward to all future projects that will help me fine-tune my craft.

Originally from Ely, Nevada, Sarah has done theatre in cities across the country.  Starting with the White Pine Players in Nevada, the Tallahassee Little Theatre in Tallahassee, Florida, she is now solidly based in New York City, working on new groundbreaking projects with her theatre company EndTimes Productions.  With a strong stage background, and the birth of the entertainer spark originating from the stage, Sarah is happier than a pig in slop on a film set.  She never takes herself too seriously (and how could you if you grew up looking like the photo below) 🙂 and LOVES surrounding herself with creative artists who consistently inspire her to be better and push boundaries portraying the human spirit every day.


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