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REEL FILM NEWS interview by Michael Parsons at the SPOOKIE MOVIE FESTIVAL


“One of the biggest pros that GUT has going for it is the acting; all three of the leads were spot-on in their performances. Schoofs as Lily was great in her attempts to keep her family together in the face of something she doesn’t even really know is going on, Wilder has a great range as Dan from nerdy movie guy to way-too-confident for his own good to completely lost, and Vail is completely believable during his descent brought on by the things he has seen.” (Ryan’s Reviews) (full review linked on image above)

Screen shot 2014-06-28 at 7.18.05 AM“[Gut] makes the viewer think, fear, and ultimately makes them question their own motives in a similar way to films like Michael Haneke’s Funny Games. A minor achievement on its own, but hopefully just a starting point for director Elias, who seems to have a knack for making viewers very uncomfortable.” -J. Hurtado (Twitch) (full review linked on image above)

Gut begins with a quest for a renewal of friendship/a shared fascination of horror films before quickly taking a U-turn into depravity and madness. Well-crafted cinematography and illuminating performances by the two main actors drive this film, creating a thriller atmosphere wrapped in a warped murder mystery tied together with a bloody red bow.” Honored by your kind words, Stuff Monsters Like!


The new, Extended Version of Gut drops March 6th on DVD & VOD in the BeNeLux!


Gut is now available for pre-order in the Netherlands!

Gut drops on DVD in the Netherlands, Belgium and Luxembourg in just 1 week from Excesso Entertainment

Screen shot 2014-06-27 at 9.52.01 PM

“The snuff films are deliberately shot with carefully focused framing—the one scene inside the murderer’s lair with camera suspended above his victim proving a particularly chilling moment. We invest in Tom and Dan’s lives because of this direct style, the lack of superfluous information letting us not be confused or distracted from the central plotline. Elias isn’t trying to trick us through his story progression; his depiction is simply that of two suburban men and the tricks the mind plays when the monotony of the ‘safe life’ no longer proves enough.” Jared Mobarark

Gut is finally getting released on Blu-ray, only catch is you’ll have to import it from Germany!


Extremely honored and humbled to find our little film kicking off this list of the Top 30 Horror Films of All Time!



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