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First review of PHOBIA!


Thank you to MAYNARD’S HORROR MOVIE DIARY for this amazing first review of Phobia!

“There aren’t that many Agoraphobia-related movies out there. The only one I’ve seen was the 1992 made-for-TV thriller “The Fear Inside” (anyone remembers that?) which wasn’t that good. “Phobia” is fortunately much, much better, not just in terms of tension or creepiness, but also in the way how it portrays and deals with this horrifying anxiety disorder, thanks to an absolutely incredible performance by Michael Jefferson whose intense and believable acting simply blew me away. When his character’s frightened, I got frightened too. Impressive as hell!  There’s also some fabulous-as-always acting by curly hottie Sarah Schoofs (since “Gut” one of my favorite indie actresses), plus more neat performances by Andrew Ruth and Peter Gregus.”



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